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This extension provides features like type checking, completion, renaming and refactoring for .vue files by extending TypeScript extension.


This extension is part of VueDX project, maintained by Rahul Kadyan. You can 💖 sponsor him for continued development of this extension and other VueDX tools.


Module Resolution

  • Import Vue files in JS/TS files.
  • Use named exports from Vue files.
  • Infers global components in the project.
  • Accepts configuration for global component resolution.


  • Suggests Vue files in import statement.
  • Suggests named exports from Vue files.
  • Auto import components from Vue files.
    NOTE:This feature requires a tsconfig.json or jsconfig.json file in the project.

Quick Fix

  • Import missing from Vue files.


  • Goto component definition.
  • Goto prop definition.
  • Goto expression definition.


  • Rename prop
  • Rename data
  • Rename computed
  • Rename method
  • Rename variables/functions in setup()
  • Rename component or Vue file


  • Extract expression as a function in setup() function. It automatically adds .value when required.
  • Extract expression as a computed value in setup() function. It automatically adds .value when required.
  • Extract expression as a method (options API). It automatically add this in expressions.
  • Extract expression as a computed property (options API). It automatically add this in expressions.
  • Organize imports and remove unused imports
  • Add variables and functions to return statement of setup() function
  • Extract selected template as a component in current directory or components directories (configured using vueconfig.json)
  • Keep v-for (on root node of selection) in current component when extracting

Known Issues

  • Diagnostics messages complain about JSX/TSX
  • Renaming props does not work in all cases

Made with 💚 for Vue Developers.
— Rahul Kadyan (znck0)


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