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If you have multiple Evernote accounts—such as more than one personal account, or a personal account and a business account—you can easily switch between them without having to sign out and sign back in each time.


Zoom’s Evernote Chatbot provides two major features:

If your Evernote password was changed and you can no longer access the account, you can try to recover your password by visiting the Forgot Password page. Make sure you can still access the email account associated with your Evernote account, since you’ll need it in order to recover your Evernote account. Did you enjoy this post? Go to the offer page and create a new Evernote account or sign in to your existing Basic account. Enter your eligible school email address see question above for eligible email addresses. You will be sent an email verification. Click the verification link in the email sent to the address you entered and complete the check-out process.

  • Designate a Zoom Chat Channel to seamlessly access, create, and update your Evernote content.
  • Use slash commands: the /evernote slash command allows Zoom users to receive notifications from their Evernote account onto their Zoom chat client.

This guide covers:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Using the Evernote Chatbot
  • Uninstalling the Evernote Chatbot


  • Free or Paid Zoom Account
  • An Evernote admin account
  • Pre-approval of the Evernote Chatbot in the Zoom Marketplace
    Note: If the app is not pre-approved, please contact your Zoom admin.

Installation and Configuration

Installing from Zoom Marketplace


Deactivate Evernote Account

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Search for Evernote and click the app.
  3. If the app is not pre-approved, contact your Zoom admin to approve this app for your account.
  4. Click Visit Site to Install, confirm the app permissions and choose Authorize:
    Note: If your admin has installed the Evernote Chatbot, it will automatically be installed for you within the Zoom Client.

After the Evernote Chatbot is installed, you will see it listed under the APPS section in the left-hand panel of your Zoom Client:

Configuring the Evernote Chatbot

Deleting Evernote Account

Note: To complete the following steps, you will need to have administrative privileges in Evernote and Zoom.

  1. After you authorize, you will be directed to a configuration page that asks you to enter your developer token.

2. How to obtain your developer token:

Using the Evernote Chatbot

Once the Evernote account information has been entered, Evernote users can use the chatbot’s commands.

Using the slash command

You can also interact with the Evernote Chatbot using the following chatbot slash commands.

When you are entering chatbot slash commands in the chatbot’s1:1, you do not need to specify the initial chatbotname. For example, in the 1:1 chatbot channel (the Evernote channel), you can issue the command:


However, if you enter a chatbot slash command in any other group channel, you must include the chatbot slash name:

/evernote help


help: Type /evernote help to show a list of commands for the chatbot.


To get the five most recently edited notes from your Evernote account, use the notes command. Type notes into the Evernote channel or /evernote notes to see your latest notes.


create: Type /evernote create to create a note and receive a link to it.

Notebooks tally

config: Type /evernote notebooks tally to count your notes by usage in each of your notebooks.

Tags tally

config: Type /evernote tags tally to receive a tally of your notes by the usage of your tags.


Start an Instant Meeting: Type /evernote meet to start an instant Zoom meeting. The chatbot will display a join meeting link, visible to all members of the current chat channel.

Evernote Sign In


config: Type /evernote config to receive a link to reset your configuration and re-enter your developer token. This command is useful if your token was incorrectly entered or has expired.


Uninstalling the Evernote Chatbot

Evernote Account Settings

Uninstalling the Evernote Chatbot from Zoom Marketplace

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Search for Evernote and click the app or navigate to your installed apps via Manage > Installed Apps.
  3. Click Uninstall next to Evernote.
  4. Confirm the dialogue and click Uninstall.

Removing the integration settings from Evernote

Navigate to the notifications section and either click Remove or click Edit and then unclick Callout for each notification.

Data Security

  • This app has access to the following information on Zoom:
    • View existing meeting details for a Zoom user under the Zoom account
    • View all information of a Zoom user under the Zoom account
  • This chatbot has the following permissions on Zoom:
    • This chatbot can send a chat message to an IM channel or Zoom user under the Zoom account.
    • This chatbot can create a Zoom meeting on behalf of any Zoom user under the Zoom account.
  • This app has access to the following information on Evernote:
    • See the Evernote API reference
    • Data accessed by the app: All info and metadata contained in Notes, Notebooks, and tags.
    • Data stored in a database: Evernote access token and user Id.
    • Data presented to the user: Note titles, link to notes, Notebook names, tag names.
    • Data Received from webhooks: All info and metadata contained in Notes and Notebooks, including all changes.
  • Communications between this chatbot and Zoom/Evernote are encrypted:
    • Protocol: TLS 1.2
    • Cipher suite: ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
    • Key length: 128 bits
    • Perfect Forward secrecy: YES
  • This chatbot stores access credentials in the local data store:
    • Evernote Tokens (admin-level and user-level) and Zoom OAuth credentials (admin-level and user-level) are stored in an encrypted database.

For additional help or technical support, please submit a ticket.

My Evernote Account

Popular note app and task management platform Evernote announced last September a major redesign for its mobile website and apps. Today, Evernote unveiled a new dashboard called “Home,” which brings multiple information such as notes, drafts, and documents in one place.

Evernote users will now have a more immersive and intuitive experience when accessing the platform. The new Home menu brings suggestions of useful content to help you start your day, including your notes, a scratch pad, your notebooks, documents, files, and more.

Evernote Account Inactive

Home is a brand-new way to start your day in Evernote; a one-stop dashboard that puts the information you need front and center—neatly organized and instantly available—so you can stay on top of your day without feeling overwhelmed.

Users who have an Evernote Basic or Plus account will have access to the following widgets: Notes, Scratch Pad, Recently Captured, Notebooks, Pinned Note, Tags, and Shortcuts. If you’re an Evernote Premium or Business subscriber, you’ll be able to resize, reorganize, or even remove widgets from your Home, in addition to options for changing the background.

Check out the video below that shows how the new Home dashboard works on Evernote:

The new Home experience will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks for Mac, Windows, and web, with updates for iOS and Android apps coming later this year. You can learn more about the new Evernote Home in this official blog post.

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