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This makes me want a Touch ID equipped MacBook Pro even more. I have a mid-2015 model that works great, does everything I need it to do very fast, but having the ability to use Touch ID on my MacBook Pro would be awesome. I wonder how long it will take for Face ID to happen on Mac. Set up Touch ID On your Mac, choose Apple menu System Preferences, then click Touch ID. Click “Add Fingerprint,” enter your password, then follow the onscreen instructions. You can add up to three fingerprints to your user account (your Mac can store up to five fingerprints total). A big part of what makes iOS 8 so great is how Apple is finally opening up its mobile operating system to developers, more than ever before. Take Touch ID, for example.With a little help from the iOS 8 SDK and the new Local Authentication Framework, third-party apps can tap Touch ID to authenticate a user in a safe manner as fingerprint data is protected and never accessed by iOS or apps.

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Thanks for that info and choosing the Apple Support Communities. If I understand correctly, you are having issues with the Touch ID feature on your MacBook Pro. To help resolve this issue, please follow these steps from this resource on Touch ID.1password Touch Id Mac

In some situations, you need to enter your password instead of using Touch ID:

  • If you've just restarted your Mac
  • If you've logged out of your user account
  • If your fingerprint isn't recognized five times in a row
  • If you haven't unlocked your Mac in more than 48 hours
  • If you've just enrolled or deleted fingerprints

If you still need help unlocking your Mac with Touch ID, follow these tips. Try again after each one:

  • Make sure that your fingers are clean and dry.
    Moisture, lotions, sweat, oils, cuts, or dry skin might affect fingerprint recognition. Certain activities can also temporarily affect fingerprint recognition, including exercising, showering, swimming, or cooking.
  • Your finger should cover Touch ID completely. While Touch ID is scanning, don't press down or move your finger.
  • Try setting up a different fingerprint.

Use Touch ID on MacBook Pro

Nov 18, 2017 2:58 PM

Learn how to set up and use Touch ID to unlock 1Password on your iOS device with your fingerprint.

Set up Touch ID

Before you can set up Touch ID in 1Password, you’ll need to set up Touch ID for your device. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open and unlock 1Password.
  2. Tap Settings > Security.
  3. Turn on Touch ID.

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Now you can use your fingerprint to unlock 1Password. But don’t forget your Master Password. Sometimes you’ll need to enter it instead of using Touch ID.

Use Touch ID

After setting up Touch ID, open 1Password. If 1Password is locked, you can use Touch ID instead of your Master Password. To unlock 1Password, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

Sometimes you won’t see the prompt:

  • If you’ve canceled the Touch ID prompt
  • If you’ve restarted your device

Depending on your settings, you might see the Touch ID button below the Master Password field. Tap it and the prompt will appear.

Manage your settings

To change how often your Master Password is required instead of your fingerprint, go to Settings > Advanced > Security.

  • Require Master Password: If you want 1Password to require your Master Password instead of Touch ID after restarting your device or after a specific amount of time, change this setting. By default, 1Password will not ask for your Master Password in those cases.

Learn more about automatically locking 1Password.

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Sometimes you’ll need to enter your Master Password instead of using Touch ID:

  • If your fingerprint isn’t recognized three times in a row
  • If you tapped Settings > Security > Lock Now
  • If you’re trying to change your Master Password
  • If you add or delete a fingerprint from your device
  • If Require Master Password is set to After Device Restart in Settings > Advanced > Security, and you’ve just restarted your device
  • If the amount of time in Settings > Advanced > Security > Require Master Password has elapsed
1password Touch Id Mac

If you still need help, follow these steps. Try again after each step:

1password Mac App

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of 1Password.
  2. Make sure that you are able to use Touch ID to unlock your device.
  3. Turn off Touch ID in 1Password > Settings > Security, then turn it back on again.
  4. Try enrolling a different finger.

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